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Bucks County Court Rules (PA)

Publisher: ALM

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ISBN: 1577863135
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Published by The Legal Intelligencer, Bucks County Court Rules provides you with the most current and comprehensive coverage of newly adopted, amended and rescinded rules in the county. Rules are provided for Civil and Family, Criminal, District Justice and Orphans divisions followed by an index for each section, an extensive directory of court officials and staff and forms for each section with a companion writable CD-ROM.

New for 2011:

• Amendment to Civil Administrative Order No. 55, Mortgage Foreclosure Diversion Program
• Adoption of Administrative Order No. 62, Drug Court Supervision Fee Assessment
• Administrative Order No. 60, Adult Probation/ Parole Firearms Policy
• Administrative Order No. 58, Public Access Policy of the United Judicial System Magisterial District Court Records - Fees for Copies
• Administrative Order No. 59, Electronic Processing Prior to Preliminary Arraignment
• Rescission of Administrative Order No. 4.