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Anderson's Kentucky Family Law with Juvenile Court Practice, 2nd Ed.

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Print Book :2 vols.; clothbound.
ISBN: 9780870847288
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In two volumes, this expanded second edition furnishes the Kentucky bench and bar with a comprehensive explanation of Kentucky family law including helpful practice points, theoretical analysis and historical background. A detailed and expanded discussion of the Kentucky Unified Juvenile Code will prove especially helpful to the juvenile law practitioner.

Volume One provides coverage of Marriage, Husband and Wife, Dissolution, Maintenance, Custody and Foreign Decrees. Volume Two includes material on children, Juvenile Court Practice and Paternity, as well as forms, checklists, and a comprehensive index to both volumes.

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Table of Contents

¿ Volume One: Marriage and Husband and Wife


Chapter: 1 Marriage in General

Chapter: 2 Promise of Marriage

Chapter: 3 Suits for Breach of Marriage Promise

Chapter: 4 Capacity of Parties to Marry

Chapter: 5 Marriage License

Chapter: 6 Solemnization

Chapter: 7 Common Law Marriage

Chapter: 8 Proxy Marriage

Chapter: 9 Records and Proof of Ceremonial Marriage

Chapter: 10 Annulment of Marriage

Husband and Wife

Chapter: 11 Status of Wife

Chapter: 12 Personal Rights and Privileges Resulting from Marriage

Chapter: 13 Antenuptial Agreements

Chapter: 14 Property Rights

Chapter: 15 Business Transactions (Herein gifts)

Chapter: 16 Support of the Family

Chapter: 17 Actions

Chapter: 18 Torts and Crimes (Herein family purpose doctrine)

Chapter: 19 Separation Agreements

Chapter: 20 Dissolution (Divorce) and Maintenance (Alimony)

Chapter: 21 Ground for Dissolution and Legal Separation

Chapter: 22 Legal Defenses to Dissolution Action

Chapter: 23 Court Procedure

Chapter: 24 Dissolution Decree

Chapter: 25 Maintenance

Chapter: 26 Custody of Children

Chapter: 27 Support of Children (On Dissolution)

Chapter: 28 Foreign Decrees (Conflict of Laws)

¿ Volume Two: Children

Chapter: 29 Termination of Parental Rights and Responsibilities

Chapter: 30 Minors

Chapter: 31 Illegitimacy and Paternity Proceedings

Chapter: 32 Juvenile Court

Outlines of Procedure