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Alaska Code Citator

Publisher: Shepard's

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Print Book :1 volume, softbound, replaced biennially
2017 Edition
ISBN: 9781522148371
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The Alaska Citator is the companion to the printed Alaska Statutes, the official printed Alaska primary law. Up-to-date Shepard's information, available only from LexisNexis, has been the primary source attorneys use to check subsequent history of cases for over 40 years. Shepard's citations mean you can quickly and easily look up the subsequent treatment of each case cited in the annotations. You can research with confidence knowing whether a case has been cited by other decisions, overruled or otherwise modified, and whether it has been "explained," "distinguished," or otherwise received a Shepard's editorial treatment letter.

Purchase the Alaska Citator today for the accuracy and dependability you expect from Shepard's and LexisNexis in a convenient single volume, updated in every odd-numbered year.