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Alabama Civil Practice Forms, Fourth Edition

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ISBN: 9780820575117
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4th Edition
ISBN: 9781579115227
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4th Edition
ISBN: 9781579115227
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Alabama Civil Practice Forms, Fourth Edition offers an extraordinarily comprehensive selection of sample forms for Alabama practitioners. In addition to most common forms, this authoritative compendium includes many forms that are required only occasionally, but cannot be found in other sources. The fourth edition also contains law and practice notes on the controlling law that provide practitioners with basic legal principles and serve as a good starting place for additional legal research. Whether you are seeking damages due to faulty traffic lights, making a motion to dissolve a writ of seizure, or filing a complaint for divorce, you will find the form you need in Alabama Civil Practice Forms, Fourth Edition.

Alabama Civil Practice Forms has not simply been compiled for Alabama attorneys -- it has been shaped by them. Now in its fourth edition, Alabama Civil Practice Forms reflects years of suggestions from lawyers around the state, thus ensuring its relevance to active practitioners. At the same time, yearly supplements guarantee that all forms reflect the latest legal usage in the state. Author Ally Windsor Howell has even included administrative forms that attorneys can use to streamline their law office practice.

Of course, every case has its own distinctive features, and every form should be modified to meet individual circumstances. To help attorneys craft persuasive and effective forms that reflect their clients needs, Alabama Civil Practice Forms, Fourth Edition also contains case citations and is keyed to the Code of Alabama.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 General Damage Actions and Service of Process
Chapter 2 Actions Against Governmental Entities and Their Officers
Chapter 3 Equitable and Non-Damage Actions
Chapter 4 Probate Court Proceedings
Chapter 5 Domestic Relations Cases
Chapter 6 Execution, Levy and Garnishment
Chapter 7 Business Organizations
Chapter 8 Real Estate Transactions
Chapter 9 Wills and Trusts
Chapter 10 Damages
Chapter 11 Law Office Practice and Administration Forms
Chapter 12 Judgments, Orders and Decrees
Chapter 13 Motions
Chapter 14 Discovery - Interrogatories, Requests for Production and Rule 34 Subpoenas
Chapter 15 Other Forms
Table of Authorities Cited
Table of Cases
Treatises, Articles, etc.