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Alabama Business and Nonprofit Entities Code

Publisher: Michie

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Print Book :1 volume, hardbound
ISBN: 9781422462737
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This newest edition of the Alabama Business and Nonprofit Entities Code contains the most current law available along with official commentary and a comprehensive index so you can get the most from your research. Turn to this convenient single volume for the primary law on Alabama business corporations, professional corporations, limited liability companies, general partnerships, limited partnerships, real estate investment trusts, employee cooperative corporations, business trusts, unincorporated nonprofit associations, and certain other business entities.

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Table of Contents

1. General Provisions, §§ 10A-1-1.01 through 10A-1-9.32. 

2. Business Corporations, §§ 10A-2-1.01 through 10A-2-17.02.

3. Nonprofit Corporations, §§ 10A-3-1.01 through 10A-3-8.02.

4. Professional corporations, §§ 10A-4-1.01 through 10A-4-5.08.

5. Limited Liability Companies, §§ 10A-5-1.01 through 10A-5-9.06.

6 - 7. [Reserved]

8. General Partnerships, §§ 10A-8-1.01 through 10A-8-11.04.

9. Limited Partnerships, §§ 10A-9-1.01 through 10A-9-12.04.

10. Real Estate Investment Trusts, §§ 10A-10-1.01 through 10A-10-1.24.

11. Employee Cooperative Corporations, §§ 10A-11-1.01 through 10A-11-1.12.

12 - 15. [Reserved]

16. Business Trusts, §§ 10A-16-1.01 through 10A-16-1.07.

17. Unincorporated Nonprofit Associations, §§ 10A-17-1.01 through 10A-17-1.18.

18 -19. [Reserved]

20. Special Purpose Entities, §§ 10A-20-1.01 through 10A-20-16.05.

21. Certain Powers, Rights, and Duties of Corporations, §§ 10A-21-1.01 through
22 - 29. [Reserved]

30. Unincorporated Professional Associations and Close Corporations, §§ 10A-30-1.01 through 10A-30-2.13.