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ACH Training Manual

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Sheshunoff®'s ACH Training Manual is an excellent resource to use in preparation for the AAP (Accredited ACH Professional) exam offered by NACHA in October. Now is the time to start preparing.

The manual provides everything you need to make sure all employees involved with processing ACH transactions perform their jobs efficiently and in compliance with appropriate rules and regulations. Employees will have a better understanding and appreciation of the risk-based focus regulators now expect.

•  Eight courses cover all the key areas of ACH, including ACH Fundamentals, ACH Files, ODFI Operations, RDFI Operations, ACH Operators and Third-Party Service Providers, Risk Management, Regulatory Compliance, and ACH Rules Compliance Audit.
•  Manageable course lessons have review quizzes to measure understanding and ensure that the information is absorbed.
•  Cross references to the ACH Rules and federal regulations direct users to additional information on the topic.
•  The Manager’s Handbook helps you document, track, and test each employee’s knowledge and understanding of the material.

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Authors / Contributors

Table of Contents

Course I: ACH Fundamentals

Lesson 1: ACH Participants

Lesson 2: ACH Rules

Course II: ACH Files

Lesson 1: ACH Transactions

Lesson 2: ACH Transaction Codes

Lesson 3: ACH File Formats

Lesson 4: Addenda Records

Course III: ODFI Operations

Lesson 1: Origination of ACH Entries

Lesson 2: ODFI Functions

Lesson 3: Special Handling by the ODFI

Course IV: RDFI Operations

Lesson 1: Receipt of ACH Entries

Lesson 2: Returning ACH Entries

Lesson 3: Extended Return Entries

Lesson 4: Contested Dishonored Return Entries

Lesson 5: Notifications of Change

Lesson 6: Written Statement of Unauthorized Debit

Course V: Other Participants

Lesson 1: ACH Operators

Lesson 2: Third-Party Service Providers

Course VI: Risk Management

Lesson 1: ACH Processing Risk

Lesson 2: Controlling Risk

Course VII: Regulatory Compliance

Lesson 1: Federal Government Participation

Lesson 2: Regulation CC & Regulation D Compliance

Lesson 3: Regulation E Compliance

Lesson 4: Uniform Commercial Code Article 4A

Lesson 5: OFAC Compliance

Course VIII: ACH Rules Compliance Audit

Lesson 1: General Audit Requirements

Lesson 2: Receiving Financial Institution Audit Requirements

Lesson 3: Originating Financial Institution Audit Requirements

Comprehensive Review

Reference Material

Reference A: Glossary of ACH Terms

Reference B: Federal Reserve Banks Operating Circular No. 4 — Automated Clearing House Items

(Effective July 12, 2012)

Reference C: ACH Operators

Reference D: Resources

Manager’s Handbook