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3G China: Legal Environment & Risk Control in the Information Age

Publisher: LexisNexis

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ISBN: 9787508610542
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This trailblazing work analyzes all the barriers, risks, laws, and options foreign companies and investors can expect to face as China enters the 3G era and its telecom, media, and technology industry opens up to international capital and foreign investors.

Spotlighting recent major cases, this important volume paints a full picture of the Chinese telecom industry on the verge of 3G. It explores the legal risks of foreign investment in the Chinese information industry and its various market segments, and provides in-depth coverage of risk control strategies and options for foreign companies seeking entry into the market.

Complete with a forecast of the future of 3G in China based on laws, regulations, rules and many other sources—including official information not yet released—this guide will prove indispensable for all practitioners advising companies that seek their share of the huge Chinese telecom market.