Official Code of Georgia Annotated

Official Code of Georgia Annotated (O.C.G.A.) is the official version of the Georgia statutes with full annotations from the GA Code Commission and LexisNexis.
Publisher: Michie
Print Book :54 volumes with index, hardbound set
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ISBN: 9780327110743
Publisher: Michie
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View a sample of this title using the ReadNow feature

View a sample of this title using the ReadNow feature

The Official Code of Georgia Annotated (O.C.G.A.) provides users with the official Georgia statutes, fully annotated and including guidance from the Georgia Code Commission. If you live or work in Georgia, LexisNexis O.C.G.A. is the essential reference you need to guide you quickly and efficiently in understanding the Georgia statutory scheme. Key features include:

• 54 volumes plus current cumulative supplement including three index volumes
• Official state statutes, fully annotated with explanatory notes
• Comprehensive index, replaced annually
• Fully annotated cumulative supplements published annually within 75 days of receipt of all acts from the Office of the Legislative Counsel

The Official Code of Georgia’s copious annotations help you expand your research and include:

• Decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court, the Supreme Court of Georgia, the Courts of Appeals of Georgia, and all federal cases arising in Georgia
• Opinions of the Georgia Attorney General
• State law reviews
American Jurisprudence
American Jurisprudence, Pleading and Practice
American Jurisprudence, Proof of Facts
American Jurisprudence, Trials
Corpus Juris Secundum
Uniform Laws Annotated
• Cross reference notes to statutes, rules, and regulations including the United States Code and the Official Compilation of the Rules and Regulations of the State of Georgia
• All case citations are Shepardized® for accuracy and relevant subsequent history

The fully annotated Georgia Rules of Court is available separately in a convenient softbound format at an affordable price, as well as online on the Lexis+ service. Georgia Advance Annotated Service (AAS), published three times per year usually in September, December and March and the Citator, providing comprehensive citations, are also available separately.


Table of contents

Title 1. General Provisions 
Title 2. Agriculture
Title 3. Alcoholic Beverages
Title 4. Animals
Title 5. Appeal and Error
Title 6. Aviation
Title 7. Banking and Finance
Title 8. Buildings and Housing
Title 9. Civil Practice
Title 10. Commerce and Trade
Title 11. Commercial Code
Title 12. Conservation and Natural Resources
Title 13. Contracts
Title 14. Corporations, Partnerships, and Associations
Title 15. Courts
Title 16. Crimes and Offenses
Title 17. Criminal Procedure
Title 18. Debtor and Creditor
Title 19. Domestic Relations
Title 20. Education
Title 21. Elections
Title 22. Eminent Domain
Title 23. Equity
Title 24. Evidence
Title 25. Fire Protection and Safety
Title 26. Food, Drugs, and Cosmetics
Title 27. Game and Fish
Title 28. General Assembly
Title 29. Guardian and Ward
Title 30. Handicapped Persons
Title 31. Health
Title 32. Highways, Bridges, and Ferries
Title 33. Insurance
Title 34. Labor and Industrial Relations
Title 35. Law Enforcement Officers and Agencies
Title 36. Local Government
Title 37. Mental Health
Title 38. Military, Emergency Management, and Veterans Affairs
Title 39. Minors
Title 40. Motor Vehicles and Traffic
Title 41. Nuisances
Title 42. Penal Institutions
Title 43. Professions and Businesses
Title 44. Property
Title 45. Public Officers and Employees
Title 46. Public Utilities and Public Transportation
Title 47. Retirement and Pensions
Title 48. Revenue and Taxation
Title 49. Social Services
Title 50. State Government
Title 51. Torts
Title 52. Waters Of The State, Ports, and Watercraft
Title 53. Wills, Trusts, and Administration Of Estates
United States Constitution
Georgia Constitution
Tables of Comparative Provisions and Laws Codified