New Jersey Commercial Law (Goldbook)

Build your practice library with an affordable, portable, and foundational resource on New Jersey commercial law.
Publisher: Michie

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2022 Edition
ISBN: 9781663343741
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2022 Edition
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This affordable, practice-enhancing single volume provides targeted, authoritative coverage of commercial law in New Jersey.

In addition to the whole of Subtitle 1 (Uniform Commercial Code) from Title 12A. of the New Jersey Annotated Statutes, LexisNexis’ team of attorney-editors have also selected portions of Title 56, and compiled practical analytical content complimentary to the included statutory materials, making this a powerful, portable tool with which practitioners can jump-start their research.

Updated annually, the volume also features cross-references to key cases, Tables of Sections Affected, bleed bars and a quick-find index. The eBook version links directly to Lexis+® for further research.

This title is part of the New Jersey Colorbook series based on the popular New York Colorbook series.

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Table of contents

2019 Legislative and Rule Changes

2020 Legislative and Rule Changes

Executive Order No. 122 (cease construction/non-essential retail business)

Senate Resolution No. 64 (urges waiver of credit card penalties/fees/interest)

Assembly, No. 3845 (Economic Development Authority Emergency Grants)

Assembly, No. 3903 (remote notaries)

Analytical Materials

New Jersey Becomes the 41st State to Authorize Remote Online Notarizations (Temporarily At Least)

Legal Analysis

Formation of Contracts and Standard Contractual Provisions
Professional Service Contracts
Commercial Sales
Secured Transactions
Personal Property Leasing
Negotiable Instruments and Transfer of Funds
Installment Sales and Loans
Real Property Secured Transactions
Commercial, Industrial, and Office Leases
Locations for Local Filings



Subtitle 1. Uniform Commercial Code
Chapter 1. General Provisions, §§12A:1-101 to 12A:1-308
Chapter 2. Sales, §§12A:2-101 to 12A:2-725
Chapter 2A. Leases, §§12A:2A-101 to 12A:2A-532
Chapter 3. Negotiable Instruments, §§12A:3-101 to 12A:3-805
Chapter 4. Bank Deposits and Collections, §§12A:4-101 to 12A:4-504
Chapter 4A. Funds Transfers, §§12A:4A-101 to 12A:4A-507
Chapter 5. Letters of Credit, §§12A:5-101 to 12A:5-118
Chapter 6. Bulk Transfers, §§12A:6-101 to 12A:6-111
Chapter 7. Documents of Title, §§12A:7-101 to 12A:7-701
Chapter 8. Investment Securities, §§12A:8-101 to 12A:8-601
Chapter 9. Secured Transactions, §§12A:9-101 to 12A:9-809
Chapter 10. Uniform Construction, Savings Clauses, Repealers and Effective Date, §§12A:10-101 to 12A:10-106
Chapter 11. Transition Provisions, §§12A:11-101 to 12A:11-108
Chapter 12. Uniform Electronic Transactions, §§12A:12-1 to 12A:12-26