General Statutes of North Carolina Annotated (Softbound)

The official compilation of North Carolina statutes, fully annotated by our expert editorial team.
Publisher: Michie
Print Book :32 volumes, softbound, replaced biannually
2023 Edition
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ISBN: 9781663350534
Publisher: Michie
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The General Statutes of North Carolina Annotated provides users with the OFFICIAL version of the North Carolina statutes, including guidance from the North Carolina Revisor of Statutes on codification decisions and annotation content and placement, from the same official publisher that has produced the General Statutes for over 70 years. North Carolina practitioners know there is only one source they can trust for comprehensive coverage in annotated North Carolina primary law –the General Statutes of North Carolina Annotated.

The General Statutes of North Carolina Annotated offers many tools to guide users quickly and efficiently in understanding the North Carolina statutory scheme, including: a comprehensive index; cross reference notes; editorial and effect of amendment notes; annotations to Opinions of the Attorney General; comprehensive case annotations arranged in a logical manner; complete historical citations to Session Laws; references to law reviews and other useful research references; and codification tables.

The General Statutes of North Carolina Annotated is available in a wide choice of user friendly formats including: a 32-volume softbound set; a 27-volume hardbound set; a CD-ROM version; and, of course, online via LexisNexis®.

The first and last word in North Carolina primary law research, the General Statutes of North Carolina Annotated includes -
•  27 softbound volumes, replaced bi-annually
•  2-volume Interim Supplement (pocket parts for hardbound sets) in non-replacement years
•  The official state statutes, fully annotated with explanatory notes
•  Comprehensive index, replaced annually
•  Annotations based on:
o All decisions of the North Carolina Supreme Court and North Carolina Court of Appeals, and all federal cases arising in North Carolina
o State law reviews
o Attorney General Opinions
•  Cross reference notes to statutes and rules
•  All case citations Shepardized® for accuracy and relevant subsequent history noted

The fully annotated Rules of North Carolina is available separately in a convenient softbound format at an affordable price.

LexisNexis® also provides a North Carolina Advance Annotation Service (AAS) at an affordable price. The AAS is published three times a year, providing annotations to the most current case law.

The 2021 edition ISBN is 9781663302168.


Table of contents

Chapter 1 Civil Procedure

Chapter 1A-5A

1A. Rules of Civil Procedure, 1B. Contribution, 1C. Enforcement of Judgments, 1D. Punitive Damages, 1E. Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, 1F. North Carolina Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act, 1G. North Carolina Choice of Law and Forum in Business Contracts Act, 2. Clerk of Superior Court [Repealed and Transferred], 3. Commissioners of Affidavits and Deeds [Repealed], 4. Common Law, 5. Contempt [Repealed], 5A. Contempt

Chapter 6-7B

6. Liability for Court Costs, 7. Courts [Repealed and Transferred], 7A. Judicial Department, 7B. Juvenile Code

Chapter 8-13

8. Evidence, 8A. Interpreters for Deaf Persons [Recodified], 8B. Interpreters for Deaf Persons, 8C. Evidence Code, 9. Jurors, 10. Notaries [Repealed], 10A. Notaries [Repealed], 10B. Notaries, 11. Oaths, 12. Statutory Construction, 13. Citizenship Restored

Chapter 14 Criminal Law

Chapter 15-18A

15. Criminal Procedure, 15A. Criminal Procedure Act, 15B. Victims' Compensation, 15C. Address Confidentiality Program, 16. Gaming Contracts and Futures, 17. Habeas Corpus, 17A. Law-Enforcement Officers [Recodified], 17B. North Carolina Criminal Justice Education and Training System [Recodified], 17C. North Carolina Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission, 17D. North Carolina Justice Academy, 17E. North Carolina Sheriffs' Education and Training Standards Commission, 18. Regulation of Intoxicating Liquors [Repealed], 18A. Regulation of Intoxicating Liquors [Repealed]

Chapter 18B-24

18B. Regulation of Alcoholic Beverages, 18C. North Carolina State Lottery, 19. Offenses Against Public Morals, 19A. Protection of Animals, 20. Motor Vehicles, 21. Bills of Lading, 22. Contracts Requiring Writing, 22A. Signatures, 22B. Contracts Against Public Policy, 22C. Payments to Subcontractors, 23. Debtor and Creditor, 24. Interest

Chapter 25-31

25. Uniform Commercial Code, 25A. Retail Installment Sales Act, 25B. Credit, 25C. Sales of Artwork, 26. Suretyship, 27. Warehouse Receipts [Repealed], 28. Administration [Repealed], 28A. Administration of Decedents’ Estates, 28B. Estates of Absentees in Military Service, 28C. Estates of Missing Persons, 29. Intestate Succession, 30. Surviving Spouses, 31.Wills

Chapter 31A-41

31A. Acts Barring Property Rights, 31B. Renunciation of Property and Renunciation of Fiduciary Powers Act, 31C. Uniform Disposition of Community Property Rights at Death Act, 31D. Uniform Powers of Appointment Act, 32. Fiduciaries, 32A. Powers of Attorney, 32B. [Reserved], 32C. North Carolina Uniform Power of Attorney Act, 33. Guardian and Ward [Repealed and Recodified], 33A.North Carolina Uniform Transfers to Minors Act, 33B. North Carolina Uniform Custodial Trust Act, 34. Veterans’ Guardianship Act, 35. Sterilization Procedures, 35A. Incompetency and Guardianship, 35B. Uniform Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction Act, 36.Trusts and Trustees [Repealed], 36A. Trusts and Trustees, 36B. Uniform Management of Institutional Funds Act, 36C. North Carolina Uniform Trust Code, 36D. North Carolina Community Third Party Trusts, Pooled Trusts, 36E. Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act, 36F. Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act, 37. Allocation of Principal and Income, 37A. Uniform Principal and Income Act, 38. Boundaries, 38A. Landowner Liability, 38B. Trespasser Responsibility, 39. Conveyances, 39A. Transfer Fee Covenants Prohibited, 40. Eminent Domain [Repealed], 40A. Eminent Domain, 41. Estates

Chapter 41A-49A

41A. State Fair Housing Act, 42. Landlord and Tenant, 42A. Vacation Rental Act, 43. Land Registration, 44. Liens, 44A. Statutory Liens and Charges, 45. Mortgages and Deeds of Trust, 45A. Good Funds Settlement Act, 46. Partition, 47. Probate and Registration, 47A. Unit Ownership, 47B. Real Property Marketable Title Act, 47C. North Carolina Condominium Act, 47D. Notice of Settlement Act [Expired], 47E. Residential Property Disclosure Act, 47F. North Carolina Planned Community Act, 47G. Option to Purchase Contracts Executed With Lease Agreements, 47H. Contracts for Deed, 48. Adoptions, 48A. Minors, 49. Children Born Out of Wedlock, 49A. Rights of Children

Chapter 50-53C

50. Divorce and Alimony, 50A. Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act and Uniform Deployed Parents Custody and Visitation Act, 50B. Domestic Violence, 50C. Civil No-Contact Orders, 50D. Permanent Civil No-Contact Order Against Sex Offender on Behalf of Crime Victim, 51. Marriage, 52. Powers and Liabilities of Married Persons, 52A. Uniform Reciprocal Enforcement of Support Act [Repealed], 52B. Uniform Premarital Agreement Act, 52C. Uniform Interstate Family Support Act, 53. Regulation of Financial Services, 53A. Business Development Corporations and North Carolina Capital Resource Corporations, 53B. Financial Privacy Act, 53C. Regulation of Banks

Chapter 54-57D

54. Cooperative Organizations, 54A. Capital Stock Savings and Loan Associations [Repealed], 54B. Savings and Loan Associations, 54C. Savings Banks, 55. North Carolina Business Corporation Act, 55A. North Carolina Nonprofit Corporation Act, 55B. Professional Corporation Act, 55C. Foreign Trade Zones, 55D. Filings, Names, and Registered Agents for Corporations, Nonprofit Corporations, and Partnerships, 56. Electric, Telegraph and Power Companies [Repealed], 57. Hospital, Medical and Dental Service Corporations [Recodified], 57A. Health Maintenance Organization Act [Recodified], 57B. Health Maintenance Organization Act [Recodified], 57C. North Carolina Limited Liability Company Act, 57D. North Carolina Limited Liability Company Act

Chapter 58 Insurance

Chapter 58A-86A

58A. North Carolina Health Insurance Trust Commission [Recodified], 59. Partnership, 59A. [Reserved], 59B. Uniform Unincorporated Nonprofit Association Act, 60. Railroads Other Carriers [Repealed and Transferred], 61. Religious Societies, 62. Public Utilities, 62A. Public Safety Telephone Service and Wireless Telephone Service, 63. Aeronautics, 63A. North Carolina Global TransPark Authority, 64. Aliens, 65. Cemeteries, 66. Commerce and Business, 67. Dogs, 68. Fences and Stock Law, 69. Fire Protection, 70. Indian Antiquities, Archaeological Resources and Unmarked Human Skeletal Remains Protection, 71. Indians [Repealed], 71A. Indians, 72. Inns, Hotels and Restaurants, 73. Mills, 74. Mines and Quarries, 74A. Company Police [Repealed], 74B. Private Protective Services Act [Repealed], 74C. Private Protective Services, 74D. Alarm Systems, 74E. Company Police Act, 74F. Locksmith Licensing Act, 74G. Campus Police Act, 75. Monopolies, Trusts and Consumer Protection, 75A. Boating and Water Safety, 75B. Discrimination in Business, 75C. Motion Picture Fair Competition Act, 75D. Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations, 75E. Unlawful Activities in Connection With Certain Corporate Transactions, 76. Navigation, 76A. Navigation and Pilotage Commissions, 77. Rivers, Creeks and Coastal Waters, 78. Securities Law [Repealed], 78A. North Carolina Securities Act, 78B. Tender Offer Disclosure Act [Repealed], 78C. Investment Advisers, 78D. Commodities Act, 79. Strays [Repealed] 80. Trademarks, Brands, etc., 81. Weights and Measures [Recodified], 81A. Weights and Measures Act of 1975, 82. Wrecks [Repealed], 83. Architects [Recodified], 83A. Architects, 84. Attorneys-at-Law, 84A. Foreign Legal Consultants, 85. Auctions and Auctioneers [Repealed], 85A. Bail Bondsmen and Runners [Recodified], 85B. Auctions and Auctioneers, 85C. Bail Bondsmen and Runners [Recodified], 86. Barbers [Recodified], 86A. Barbers

Chapter 87-96

87. Contractors, 88. Cosmetic Art, 88A. Electrolysis Practice Act, 88B. Cosmetic Art, 89. Engineering and Land Surveying [Recodified], 89A. Landscape Architects, 89B. Foresters, 89C. Engineering and Land Surveying, 89D. Landscape Contractors, 89E. Geologists Licensing Act, 89F. North Carolina Soil Scientist Licensing Act, 89G. Irrigation Contractors, 90. Medicine and Allied Occupations, 90A. Sanitarians and Water and Wastewater Treatment Facility Operators, 90B. Social worker Certification Act, 90C. Therapeutic Recreation Personnel Certification Act, 90D. Interpreters and Transliterators, 91. Pawnbrokers [Repealed], 91A. Pawnbrokers Modernization Act of 1989, 92. Photographers [Deleted], 93. Certified Public Accountants, 93A. Real Estate License Law, 93B. Occupational Licensing Boards, 93C. Watchmakers [Repealed], 93D. North Carolina State Hearing Aid Dealers and Fitters Board, 93E. North Carolina Appraisers Act, 94. Apprenticeship [Repealed], 95. Department of Labor and Labor Regulations, 96. Employment Security

Chapter 97-105

97. Workers’ Compensation Act, 98. Burnt and Lost Records, 99. Libel and Slander, 99A. Civil Remedies for Criminal Actions, 99B. Products Liability, 99C. Actions Relating to Skier Safety and Skiing Accidents, 99D. Civil Rights, 99E. Special Liability Provisions, 100. Monuments, Memorials and Parks, 101. Names of Persons, 102. Official Survey Base, 103. Sundays, Holidays and Special Days, 104. United States Lands, 104A. Degrees of Kinship, 104B. Hurricanes or Other Acts of Nature, 104C. Atomic Energy, Radioactivity and Ionizing Radiation [Repealed and Recodified], 104D. Southern States Energy Compact, 104E. North Carolina Radiation Protection Act, 104F Southeast Interstate Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management Compact, 104G. North Carolina Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management Authority Act of 1987, 105. Taxation

Chapter 105A-109

105A. Setoff Debt Collection Act, 105B. Defaulted Student Loan Recovery Act, 106. Agriculture, 107. Agricultural Development Districts [Repealed], 108. Social Services [Repealed and Recodified], 108A. Social Services, 108B. Community Action Programs, 108C. Medicaid and Health Choice Provider Requirements, 108D. Medicaid Managed Care for Behavioral Health Services, 109. Bonds [Recodified]

Chapter 110-115B

110. Child Welfare, 111. Aid to the Blind, 112. Confederate Homes and Pensions, 113. Conservation and Development, 113A. Pollution Control and Environment, 113B. North Carolina Energy Policy Act of 1975, 114. Department of Justice, 115. Elementary and Secondary Education [Repealed], 115A. Community Colleges, Technical Institutes, and Industrial Education Centers [Repealed], 115B. Tuition and Fee Waivers

Chapter 115C-116E

115C. Elementary and Secondary Education, 115D. Community Colleges, 115E. Private Education Facilities Finance Act, 116. Higher Education, 116A. Escheats and Abandoned Property [Repealed], 116B. Escheats and Abandoned Property, 116C. Continuum of Education Programs, 116D. Higher Education Bonds, 116E. Education Longitudinal Data System

Chapter 117-122C

117. Electrification, 118. Firemen’s and Rescue Squad Workers’ Relief and Pension Fund [Recodified], 118A. Firemen’s Death Benefit Act [Repealed], 118B. Members of a Rescue Squad Death Benefit Act [Repealed], 119. Gasoline and Oil Inspection and Regulation, 120. General Assembly, 120A. [Reserved], 120B. [Reserved], 120C. Lobbying [Recodified], 121. Archives and History, 122. Hospitals for the Mentally Disordered [Repealed], 122A. North Carolina Housing Finance Agency, 122B. North Carolina Agricultural Facilities Finance Act [Repealed], 122C. Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, and Substance Abuse Act of 1985

Chapter 122D-131E

122D. North Carolina Agricultural Finance Act, 122E. North Carolina Housing Trust and Oil Overcharge Act, 123. Impeachment, 123A. Industrial Development [Repealed], 124. Internal Improvements, 125. Libraries, 126. State Personnel Systems, 127. Militia [Repealed], 127A. Militia, 127B. Military Affairs, 127C. North Carolina Military Affairs Commission, 128. Offices and Public Officers, 129. Public Buildings and Grounds, 130. Public Health [Repealed], 130A. Public Health, 130B. Hazardous Waste Management Commission, 131. Public Hospitals [Repealed], 131A. Health Care Facilities Finance Act, 131B. Licensing of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities [Repealed], 131C. Charitable Solicitation Licensure Act [Repealed], 131D. Inspection and Licensing of Facilities, 131E. Health Care Facilities and Services

Chapter 131F-142

131F. Solicitation of Contributions, 132. Public Records, 133. Public Works, 134. Youth Development [Recodified], 134A. Youth Services, 135. Retirement System for Teachers and State Employees; Social Security; Health Insurance Program for Children, 136. Roads and Highways, 137. Rural Rehabilitation, 138. Salaries, Fees and Allowances, 138A. State Government Ethics Act, 139. Soil and Water Conservation Districts, 140. State Art Museum; Symphony and Art Societies, 140A. State Awards System, 141. State Boundaries, 142. State Debt

Chapter 143 State Government Agencies

Chapter 143A-147

143A. State Government Reorganization, 143B. Executive Organization Act of 1973, 143C. State Budget Act, 143D. The State Governmental Accountability and Internal Control Act, 143D. The State Governmental Accountability and Internal Control Act, 143E. The North Carolina Measurability Assessment Act of 2016, 144. State Flag, Official Governmental Flags, Motto and Colors, 145. State Symbols and Other Official Adoptions, 146. State Lands, 147. State Officers

Chapter 148-159

148. State Prison System, 149. State Song and Toast, 150. Uniform Revocation of Licenses [Repealed], 150A. Administrative Procedure Act [Recodified], 150B. Administrative Procedure Act, 151. Constables [Repealed], 152. Coroners, 152A. County Medical Examiner [Repealed], 153. Counties and County Commissioners [Repealed], 153A. Counties, 153B. Mountain Resources Planning Act [Repealed], 153C. Uwharrie Regional Resources Act [Repealed], 154. County Surveyor [Repealed], 155. County Treasurer [Repealed], 156. Drainage, 157. Housing Authorities and Projects, 157A. Historic Properties Commissions [Transferred], 158. Local Development, 159. Local Government Finance

Chapter 159A-168A

159A. Pollution Abatement and Industrial Facilities Financing Act [Unconstitutional], 159B. Joint Municipal Electric Power and Energy Act, 159C. Industrial and Pollution Control Facilities Financing Act, 159D. The North Carolina Capital Facilities Financing Act, 159E. Registered Public Obligations Act, 159F. North Carolina Energy Development Authority [Repealed], 159G. Water Infrastructure, 159H. [Reserved], 159I. Solid Waste Management Loan Program and Local Government Special Obligation Bonds [Repealed], 160. Municipal Corporations [Repealed and Transferred], 160A. Cities and Towns, 160B. Consolidated City-County Act, 160C. Baseball Park Districts [Repealed], 160D. Local Planning and Development Regulation, 161. Register of Deeds, 162. Sheriff, 162A. Water and Sewer Systems, 162B. Continuity of Local Government in Emergency, 163. Elections and Election Laws, 163A. Elections and Ethics Enforcement Act [Recodified], 164. Concerning the General Statutes of North Carolina, 165. Veterans, 166. Civil Preparedness Agencies [Repealed], 166A. North Carolina Emergency Management Act, 167. State Civil Air Patrol [Repealed], 168. Persons with Disabilities, 168A. Persons with Disabilities Protection Act

NC Constitution, US Constitution, Tables

General Index (A-I)

General Index (J-Z)