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Alaska Administrative Code

Up-to-date, authoritative and accurate, Alaska Administrative Code is an ...
Publisher: Michie
Frequency: (4 issues)
Print Book :10 volumes, looseleaf, with quarterly updates
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ISBN: 9780327103196
Publisher: Michie
Frequency: (4 issues)
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Up-to-date, authoritative and accurate, Alaska Administrative Code is an indispensable reference for any practitioner in Alaska.

This is the only official publication of the permanent and emergency regulations of the administrative agencies for the state of Alaska. Updated regulations allow you to remain current with administrative procedure and provide statutory references to the authorizing legislative provisions. You’ll also find explanatory comments, prepared by the Alaska Department of Law, to help you understand the history of a regulatory change.

The ten volumes of Alaska Administrative Code are available in an easy-to-use looseleaf set. To ensure the most recent information is included, the set is updated quarterly. Each title is also available for purchase separately; binders are not included on the individual volumes, and are also available for purchase.

Note: The price displayed for this product is for customers residing in Alaska. Out-of-State customers please call 1-800-223-1940 for specific pricing information.

Table of Contents

Volume 1
Cross Reference Tables
Title 1: General Provisions
Title 2: Administration

Volume 2
Title 3: Community and Economic Development
Title 4: Education and Early Development

Volume 3
Title 5: Fish

Volume 4
Title 6: Governor's Office
Title 7: Health and Social Services

Volume 5
Title 8: Labor and Workforce Development
Title 9: Law
Title 10: Military Affairs
Title 11: Natural Resources

Volume 6
Title 12: Professional and Vocational Regulations
Title 13: Public Safety
Title 14: Public Works

Volume 7
Title 15: Revenue
Title 16: Economic Development
Title 17: Transportation and Public Facilities

Volume 8
Title 18: Environmental Conservation

Volume 9
Title 19: Community and Regional Affairs
Title 20: Miscellaneous Boards and Commissions
Title 21: Ombudsman
Title 22: Department of Corrections