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Print Book :2 volumes, looseleaf, updated annually
ISBN: 9781522133483
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ISBN: 9781522133490
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ISBN: 9781522133490
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The Midwest Transaction Guide for Family and Related Personal Transactions allows attorneys to access authoritative family law and related personal transactions. This two volume set features 24 chapters covering a wide array of topics arising in family law and related personal transactions context including ante and post nuptial agreements, marital settlements, childcare, adoption and foster care, as well as powers of attorney. This guide summarizes state and federal law, relevant statutes, regulations and secondary legal sources.

Material in this publication is also published in Midwest Transaction Guide.

Authors / Contributors

Table of Contents

1 Personal Planning Guide

2 Retirement Planning Guide

3 Personal Bankruptcy Planning

4 Powers of Attorney

5 Medical and Hospital Services

6 Nursing Homes and Other Care Facilities

7 Minors' Contracts

8 Parental Obligations and Consents

9 Adoption and Foster Care

10 Antenuptial Agreements

11 Postnuptial Agreements

12 Marital Termination Guide

13 Reconciliation Agreements

14 Illinois Civil Unions

15 Complete Marital Settlement Agreements

16 General Settlement Agreement Provisions

17 Provisions for Division of Property

18 Provisions for Debts and Obligations

19 Spousal and Child Support Provisions

20 Provisions for Parenting Time, Custody, and Visitation of Children

21 Insurance Provisions

22 Pension and Employee Benefit Provisions

23 Provisions for Payment of Taxes

24 Provisions for Attorneys' Fees and Costs