Georgia Real Estate Forms

Covers virtually every situation your real estate clients are likely to face.
Publisher: Michie
Print Book :4 volumes, looseleaf
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ISBN: 9780327130987
Publisher: Michie
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Covers virtually every situation your real estate clients are likely to face. Be prepared for all eventualities of real estate law with detailed, point-by-point treatment of agreements relating to transfers of real property; deeds, leases, and other instruments of conveyance; financing of real property; and miscellaneous forms concerning real property. Expand your practice to developers, buyers, sellers, lenders, investors, and brokers. With this set, you'll have instant access to brokerage agreements and documents relating to sales, leases, easements, financing, partnerships, multiple ownership, and a host of other matters. You'll be able to refer to closing checklists and get accurate guidelines for a variety of real estate situations.

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Table of Contents

Volume 1
Chapter 1 Agreements Relating to Transfers of Real Property
1.1 Practice Considerations
1.2 Contracts of Sale
1.3 Miscellaneous Agreements and Forms
Chapter 2 Deeds, Leases and Other Instruments of Conveyance
2.1 Practice Considerations
2.2 Instruments of Conveyance Creating or Concerning Various Estates
2.3 Components of Instruments of Conveyance
2.4 Miscellaneous Matters Concerning Conveyance

Volume 2
Chapter 3 Financing of Real Property
3.1 Practice Considerations
3.2 Financing of Residential Properties
3.3 Financing of Commercial Properties
3.4 Miscellaneous Financing Considerations

Volume 3
Chapter 4 Miscellaneous Forms Concerning Real Property
4.1 Practice Considerations
4.2 Multiple-Ownership Arrangements
4.3 Partnerships, Tenancies in Common and Agencies
4.4 Other Forms of Organization