Workers' Compensation Index

A topical guide to California workers' compensation law.
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15th Edition
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ISBN: 9781522167327
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Book Edition: 2019

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"Richard Montarbo's summary of case law, legislation and SB 863 is clear, succinct, and insightful. Richard understands the various sides of an issue, and his treatment of issues is fair to all parties in the workers' comp system. The new Edition is substantially improved with enhancements and reorganization that make the book more user friendly. I heartily recommend this book to anyone whose job involves workers' compensation claims in California."
-James T. Stewart, Author, Work Comp Index, 1st to 9th Editions

Workers' Compensation Index: A Topical Guide to California Workers' Compensation Law (formerly Work Comp Index) is a valuable research tool for anyone involved in handling California workers' compensation cases. The book and its Table of Contents, both of which are set up alphabetically by subject, serve as a quick reference tool and a starting point for more in-depth legal research. The California workers' compensation system has changed so rapidly in substantive and procedural areas that its participants have been inundated with information from many sources. This topical guide leads its users simply, directly, and quickly to the applicable statutory and case law and rules and to a wide variety of key publications, texts, and treatises that have treated the entire range of issues and developments in the field.

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