Social Security Disability Practice

This popular work walks you step-by-step from interview through Social Security disability hearing and appeal. Loaded with valuable tips and model questions.

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ISBN: 9781580123174
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ISBN: 9781580123174
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Now in its 27th revision, Social Security Disability Practice is still considered by many Social Security disability practitioners the best and most practical work available for start-to-finish guidance for Social Security disability cases.

Author Tom E. Bush has updated the title throughout and has made substantial changes to the following sections:

Chapter 1 Initial Client Contact

  • §120 Medical-Vocational Guidelines.
  • §130 Social Security Disability And SSI: Nondisability Requirements And Other Differences.
  • 178.2 SSA Forms
  • §178.3 Attorney Fees Contract
  • §178.8 SSA’s Tips and Best Practices for Appointed Representatives April 2022
  • §180 After Initial Interview—Hearing Stage
  • New Form: §176.11.4: Statement of Funds You Received (SSA-2855)

Chapter 2 Prehearing Procedure

  • New Form: §239.4.1 Form: Multiple Sclerosis Fatigue Medical Opinion.
  • §231 Musculoskeletal System, Listings §§1.15-1.23
  • §231.1 Form: Lumbar & Cervical Spine Medical Opinion
  • §279 SSA’s November 2020 Best Practices For Claimants’ Representatives
  • §285 Submit All Additional Evidence At Least Five Business Days Before the Hearing

Chapter 3 The Hearing

  • §304.2 Video Hearings
  • §344 Improper VE Testimony

Chapter 4: Following a Favorable Decision

  • §486 Is There Medical Improvement?

Chapter 5 Appeals Council

  • §501 The Final Step of Administrative Review
  • §527.4 Sample Brief: Missing Work.


  • §601 Is There a Final Decision of the Commissioner?
  • §610 Initiating The Civil Action: Procedure
  • §614 Service
  • §622 The Action is Presented for Decision by the Parties’ Briefs
  • §623 Time Limits for Briefing


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