Maine Tort Law

This comprehensive treatise on Maine Tort Law is the ultimate source for civil litigators in Maine. The treatise summarizes the legal requirements of virtually every cause of action based in tort in Maine and provides a uniquely valuable reference for the practitioner seeking to prosecute or defend every type of tort claim recognized in Maine.
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Maine Tort Law was first published in 1991, compiling centuries of case law and statutory developments from Maine’s statehood to the present day. Original authors Jack Simmons and Don Zillman guided the growth of this publication over the last 25 years and now, along with the addition of author Robert Furbish, have created a major revision with the 2018 Edition of Maine Tort Law. Since its release in 1991, this long-standing, authoritative treatise has been cited in over 100 cases by the Maine Supreme Judicial Court, the Maine Superior Court, and the Maine Federal District Court. Maine Tort Law contains a mixture of substantive law (e.g. negligence, premises liability, transportation accidents, professional liability, civil rights, governmental liability and immunity, products liability) and procedural matters (e.g. multiple defendants, vicarious liability, insurance, damages) that are distinctive to the ever-evolving field of tort law in the state of Maine. The treatise not only provides the current state of Maine tort law, but also the history of its evolution, and a critical study for applying the law to the often-novel facts of a particular case.

Maine Tort Law is a unique resource for the civil practitioner whose work touches on the broad field of torts in Maine. Saving hours of research time, this treatise instantly points the practitioner to the most relevant information needed for the initial stages of case investigation, for preparing pleadings, drafting and conducting discovery, and getting ready for trial.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Assault and Battery

Chapter 2 False Imprisonment

Chapter 3 Malicious Prosecution and Abuse of Process

Chapter 4 Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress

Chapter 5 Trespass to Land

Chapter 6 Conversion

Chapter 7 The Negligence Action

Chapter 8 Premises Liability

Chapter 9 Professional Torts

Chapter 10 Transportation Accidents

Chapter 11 Commercial Torts

Chapter 12 Products Liability

Chapter 13 Defamation and Privacy

Chapter 14 Nuisance and Strict Liability

Chapter 15 Governmental and Governmental Officer Torts

Chapter 16 Multiple Defendants

Chapter 17 Defenses

Chapter 18 Insurance and Tort Law

Chapter 19 Damages

Table of Cases

Table of Statutes