Georgia Real Estate Licensing and Appraiser Laws and Regulations Annotated

Comprehensive and fully annotated compilation of laws and rules Georgia real estate professionals need every day.
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2018 Edition
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Publisher: Michie
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This compilation of laws, rules, and regulations for the real estate agency and appraising communities is fully up to date with statutes enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Georgia through the 2016 Regular Session and with rules and regulations updated to the date of the publication. This publication is a handy, portable reference to the laws and regulation that govern the real estate professions.

Table of Contents



Rule and Regulatory Changes

Code Sections Affected by Recent Legislation

Real Estate Broker and Agent Laws

(Selected Provisions)

Rules of Georgia Real Estate Commission


Real Estate Appraisers Laws


Rules of Georgia Real Estate Appraisers Board


Related Laws

(Selected Provisions)

United States Code Service

(Selected Provisions)

User's Guide to the Index