Burns Indiana Statutes Annotated - Commercial Law: Letters of Credit through Grain Indemnity Program (T.26, Art. 1 (chs. 5-10), 2-4)

This crucial section of Burns Indiana Statutes keeps attorneys and researchers updated and informed on important coverage of Commercial laws affecting Uniform Commercial Code.
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ISBN: 9781663323774
Publisher: Michie
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Article 1 Uniform Commercial Code
Chapter 5 Letters of Credit
Chapter 5.1 Letters of Credit
Chapter 6 Bulk Transfers
Chapter 6.1 Bulk Sales
Chapter 6.2 Enforcement of Rights and Obligations Under Repealed Uniform Bulk Sales Law
Chapter 7 Warehouse Receipts, Bills of Lading, and Other Documents of Title
Chapter 8 Investment Securities
Chapter 8.1 Investment Securities
Chapter 9 Secured Transactions
Chapter 9.1 Secured Transactions
Chapter 10 Effective Date, Repeal, Saving Provision
Article 2 Commercial Transactions
Article 3 Warehouses
Article 4 Grain Indemnity Program