Washington Motor Vehicle Accident Insurance Deskbook

Provides in-depth coverage of accident insurance issues in Washington.
2009 Supplement Only
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ISBN: 9780881293296
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Product description

While information below (including the Table of Contents) is for the full 2001 edition with the 2009 supplement, only the 2009 supplement for this publication is available for sale in print. The 2001 main volume of this set is currently out of print.

In addition to supplement material on developments in the area since 2001, the 2009 supplement includes three completely revised replacement chapters on first-party coverage (other than UIM); underinsured motorist coverage; and duty of the liability insurer to defend, as well as full treatment of the 2007 Insurance Fair Conduct Act.


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Table of contents

 Chapter 1.  Finding and Construing Policy Language
Chapter 2.  Liability Insurance: The Coverage Grant
Chapter 3.  Exclusions to Liability Coverage
Chapter 4.  Liability Insurance: Conditions and General Limitations
Chapter 5.  First Party Insurance (Other Than UIM)
Chapter 6.  Underinsured Motorist Coverage
Chapter 7.  Duty of the Liability Insurer to Defend
Chapter 8.  Duty of Good Faith and Fair Dealing
Chapter 9.  Subrogation
Chapter 10.  Involuntary Motor Vehicle Insurance
Appendix ISO Personal Auto Policy