Voss on Delaware Contract Law

An innovative resource for anyone who deals with high-stakes corporate and commercial agreements, and the disputes that may arise from them.​
Publisher: CSC

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ISBN: 9781522184614
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Citing more than 3,500 authorities spanning more than 100 years, Voss on Delaware Contract Law is an unprecedented review of the law that underpins the nation's predominant corporate and alternative entity laws, as well as the contract-related disputes frequently addressed in Delaware's renowned business courts.

Enhance research and analysis with this unparalleled resource
Transactional attorneys and litigators alike will benefit from easy access to thousands of thoughtfully selected and organized quotations of cases, statutes, and rules, as well as harder-to-find court orders and transcripts.

Think about contract law in new ways
This resource contains an innovative Contract Typology™ section, which surveys authorities by type of contract, clause, and phrase, to help identify type-specific considerations and interpretations pertinent to contract drafting and dispute resolution.

Seize the competitive advantage
Voss on Delaware Contract Law is a virtual powerhouse of information. You can turn to this source for coverage of:

  • Contract interpretation
  • Contract-related torts
  • Procedure
  • Remedies
  • Comparative contract law

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Table of contents

 Volume 1 
Preface and Important Usage Information
Summary Table of Contents
Table of Authorities
Chapter 1  Delaware Contract Philosophy
Chapter 2  Contract Formation and Parties
Chapter 3  Contract Interpretation
Chapter 4  Statutory Construction
Chapter 5  Delaware Uniform Commercial Code (Selected Authorities)
Chapter 6  Contract Law and Corporate Instruments
Chapter 7  Contract Law and Fiduciary Duties

Volume 2
Chapter 8  Contract Typology™ (A Survey of Contract Authorities by Type, Feature, Clause, Phrase, or Word)
Chapter 9  Implied Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing
Chapter 10  Defenses (Selected Doctrines and Excuses)

Volume 3
Chapter 11  Delaware Courts and Procedure (Selected Contract-Related Topics)
Chapter 12  Breach of Contract
Chapter 13  Contract-Related Claims (Including Selected Business Torts)
Chapter 14  Damages
Chapter 15  Non-Damages Remedies
Chapter 16  Supplementary Relief
Chapter 17  Choice of Law, Forum Selection, and Comparative Contract Law
Chapter 18  Importance of Professional, Case-Specific, and Up-to-Date Research in
 Contract Law

Table of Statutes
Table of Reported Cases