Federal Taxes Affecting Real Estate

Fully explains and illustrates the most important federal tax principles applicable to real estate transactions.

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Product description

Here's true one-stop shopping! Volumes 1 and 2 provide 30 chapters examining all of the Federal tax ramifications of real estate transactions, replete with dozens of hypothetical examples, tax planning tips, caveats and more. Volume 3 contains over 100 legal forms and agreements for use in handling all types of real estate transactions, along with 13 practice checklists. Perfect not only for tax practitioners, but for everyone else involved in the real estate industry: lawyers, developers, brokers, management companies, lenders, etc.

Volume 1

Thirty chapters cover:

- Acquisition and development of real estate
- Operating and leasing property
- Depreciation and tax credits
- Installment sales
- Sale-Leasebacks
- Dispositions by involuntary conversion, abandonment, condemnation and casualty
- Like-kind exchanges
- Personal residences (including home office and vacation homes)
- Dealer vs. investor status
- Subdivision and tract development
- Financing commercial real estate transactions
- At-risk rules
- Ownership of property through corporations, partnerships and LLCs

Volume 2

- Ownership of property through corporations, partnerships and LLCs
- REITs, REMICs, condos and co-ops, FASITs
- Financing commercial real estate transactions
- Foreign investment in U.S. real estate
- Estate planning issues
- Valuation of real property interests
- Activities not engaged in for profit
- Accounting methods
- Alternative minimum tax
- Professional responsibilities and practice before the IRS
- IRS Enforcement and guidance

Volume 3

Thirteen practice checklists provide step-by-step guidance on how to: draft deeds, sales contracts, leases, mortgage documents; handle a closing; represent a broker that is leasing or selling units in a development; conduct an environmental site assessment; question a seller or landlord about the environmental condition of the property, and much more!

You'll also get over 100 legal forms and agreements for use in: (a) sales and exchanges; (b) creating and operating real estate entities, like partnerships and LLCs; (c) leasing; (d) environmental concerns in real estate transactions; and (e) development and subdivision.

Also includes subject matter index, tables of cases, IRC sections, etc.

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Table of contents

Volume 1

Chapter 1 Tax Advantages and Problem Areas in Real Estate

Chapter 2 Acquisition of Real Estate

Chapter 3 Development of Real Estate

Chapter 4 Operating and Leasing Real Estate

Chapter 5 Depreciation and Credits on Real Estate

Chapter 6 Dispositions of Real Estate by Sale, Abandonment, Condemnation and Casualty

Chapter 6A Sale-Leasebacks
Chapter 7 Installment Sales

Chapter 8 Tax-Deferred Like-Kind Exchanges

Chapter 8A Involuntary Conversion of Real Estate

Chapter 9 Personal Residences

Chapter 10 Dealer Versus Investor Status

Chapter 11 Subdivision and Tract Development

Chapter 12 Mortgages in Real Estate Transactions

Chapter 13 Limitations on Losses From Real Estate

Chapter 13A At-Risk Rules for Real Estate

Chapter 14 Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies

Volume 2

Chapter 15 Corporate Ownership of Real Estate

Chapter 16 Special Forms of Holding Real Estate

Chapter 16A Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduits (REMICs)
Chapter 17 Foreign Investment in U.S. Real Estate

Chapter 17A [Reserved]
Chapter 18 Estate Planning for Real Estate

Chapter 19 Financing Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Chapter 20 Valuation of Real Property

Chapter 21 Transactions with Tax-Exempt Entities

Chapter 22 Activities Not Engaged in for Profit

Chapter 23 Accounting Methods

Chapter 24 Alternative Minimum Tax

Chapter 25 Professional Responsibilities and Practice Before the IRS

Chapter 26 Navigating IRS Enforcement and Related Guidance

Table of Statutes

Table of Cases



Appendix A Real Estate Entities

Appendix B Real Estate Sales & Exchanges

Appendix C Real Estate Leases

Appendix D Environmental Considerations in Real Estate Transactions

Appendix E Real Estate Development & Subdivisions

Volume 3