Fair Debt Collection Practices: Federal and State Law and Regulation

Analysis and compliance guidance to the FDCPA, state fair-debt collection laws and regulations, state debt management laws, key common law issues, and quick-reference guides to state regulations and licensing requirements for both collection agencies and attorneys.
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The standard reference relied on by collection managers and attorneys

The risk inherent in not understanding the law -- both federal and state -- has never been greater for creditors, collection managers, and attorneys. The real danger for those who collect debts lies in the often subtle differences from state to state that can expose you to substantial civil liabilities.

Whether you're affiliated with an agency, creditor, law firm or bad debt buyer, if you're responsible for debt collections, Fair Debt Collection Practices: Federal and State Law and Regulation contains virtually everything you'll need to avoid costly litigation and hefty fines, including:

•  Analysis of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)
•  Analysis of state fair-debt collection laws and regulations
•  Identification of types of debt regulated, which can vary from state to state
•  Discussion of compliance with state debt management laws
•  Full discussion of key common law issues
•  Hundreds of warnings, spotlighting legal landmines
•  Quick-reference guides to state regulations and licensing requirements for both collection agencies and attorneys

Each chapter includes "plain English" explanations of the specific state's debt collection practices statute and regulations, along with quick listings of specific provisional details. It also provides discussion of case law developments.

Chapters outline and explain other compliance requirements, depending on the state. Such requirements may include bonding, licensing, required conduct, prohibited conduct, disclosures, all varying by state.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Federal (FDCPA Analysis)

Chapter 2 Alabama

Chapter 3 Alaska

Chapter 4 Arizona

Chapter 5 Arkansas

Chapter 6 California

Chapter 7 Colorado

Chapter 8 Connecticut

Chapter 9 Delaware

Chapter 10 Florida

Chapter 10A Florida (Commercial Debts)

Chapter 11 Georgia

Chapter 12 Hawaii

Chapter 13 Idaho

Chapter 14 Illinois

Chapter 15 Indiana

Chapter 16 Iowa

Chapter 17 Kansas

Chapter 18 Kentucky

Chapter 19 Louisiana

Chapter 20 Maine

Chapter 21 Maryland

Chapter 22 Massachusetts

Chapter 23 Michigan

Chapter 24 Minnesota

Chapter 25 Mississippi


Chapter 26 Missouri

Chapter 27 Montana

Chapter 28 Nebraska

Chapter 29 Nevada

Chapter 30 New Hampshire

Chapter 31 New Jersey

Chapter 32 New Mexico

Chapter 33 New York

Chapter 34 North Carolina

Chapter 35 North Dakota

Chapter 36 Ohio

Chapter 37 Oklahoma

Chapter 38 Oregon

Chapter 39 Pennsylvania

Chapter 40 Rhode Island

Chapter 41 South Carolina

Chapter 42 South Dakota

Chapter 43 Tennessee

Chapter 44 Texas

Chapter 45 Utah

Chapter 46 Vermont

Chapter 47 Virginia

Chapter 48 Washington

Chapter 49 West Virginia

Chapter 50 Wisconsin

Chapter 51 Wyoming

Chapter 52 Washington, D.C.

Chapter 53 Guam

Chapter 54 Puerto Rico

Chapter 55 Virgin Islands

Chapter 56 Common Law Causes of Action

Appendix A Table of State Debt Collection Practices Laws

Appendix B Collection Attorney Licensing and Bonding Obligations Under State Law

Appendix C Contact Information for Relevant State Agencies and Departments

Appendix D Table of State Debt Management Laws