Colorado Real Estate Manual

Colorado Real Estate Manual provides Colorado Real Estate Commission rules, regulations, position statements and forms for real estate professionals.
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2019 Edition
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The Division of Real Estate is responsible for the publication and distribution of the annual Colorado Real Estate Manual. The Manual is a source of information, statutes, rules, and position statements for the real estate industry.

   The Manual benefits new applicants for licensure as well as existing real estate brokers, appraisers, and other real estate professionals by providing current relevant statutes and requirements for practicing in Colorado. It also includes current Colorado Real Estate Commission rules and position statements for brokers, appraisers, mortgage loan originators, and conservation easements. An excellent resource for real estate professionals that provides history, new laws and requirements, descriptions, and landmark case law!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Real Estate Broker License Law 

Chapter 2: Commission Rules and Regulations

         Rules of the Colorado Real Estate Commission

         Commission Approved Forms

Chapter 3: Commission Position Statements

Chapter 4: Subdivision Laws

Chapter 5: Landmark Case Law and Opinions

Chapter 6: Interests in Land History

Chapter 7: Land Descriptions

Chapter 8: Deeds and Transfer of Title

Chapter 9: Evidence of Title

Chapter 10: Appraiser Regulation

Chapter 11: Conservation Easements

Chapter 12: Mortgage Loan Originators

Chapter 13: Water Rights

Chapter 14: Brokerage Relationships

Chapter 15: Listings

Chapter 16: Contracts

Chapter 17: Trust Deeds and Liens

Chapter 18: Closing Statements

Chapter 19: Escrow Records

Chapter 20: Property Management and Leases

Chapter 21: Farm and Ranch Brokerage

Chapter 22: Business Opportunities

Chapter 23: Tax Factors Pertaining to Real Estate Practice

Chapter 24: Fair Housing

Chapter 25: Related Real Estate Law

Chapter 26: Commission-Approved and Miscellaneous Forms

Glossary of Terms

Topical Index