Tennessee Jurisprudence, Index

The most relied upon legal research tool in Tennessee next to the Tennessee Code Annotated.
Publisher: LexisNexis

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ISBN: 9781632814685
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ISBN: 9781632814685
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Index Volume for the set.

Tennessee Jurisprudence is the most relied upon legal research tool in Tennessee next to the Tennessee Code Annotated. Completed in 1985 and supplemented annually since then, this 31-volume set has been received enthusiastically by the bench and bar.
With more than 400 alphabetically arranged subject matter titles, Tennessee Jurisprudence gives you an answer to nearly every question raised in any case. Extensive footnotes citing cases, statutes, court rules, and law review articles support the succinct textual analysis.

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Table of contents

Volume 1: Abandonment to Ancient Documents

Volume 2: Animals to Appeal and Error

Volume 3: Appearances to Automobile Insurance

Volume 4: Automobiles to Bankruptcy

Volume 5: Banks and Banking to Chambers and Vacation

Volume 6: Champerty and Maintenance to Constables

Volume 6A: Constitutional Law

Volume 7: Contempt to Corporations

Volume 8: Costs to Curtesy

Volume 9: Damages to Domicile

Volume 10: Double Jeopardy to Equitable Conversion

Volume 11: Equity to Exceptions

Volume 12: Exceptions, Bill of to Exemplary Damages

Volume 13: Exemptions from Execution and Attachment to Gasoline Filling Stations

Volume 14: Gifts to Inheritance Taxes

Volume 15: Injunctions to Insurance

Volume 16: Interest to Junk Dealers

Volume 17: Jurisdiction to Licenses

Volume 18: License to Real Property to Mobs, Riots

Volume 19: Monopolies and Restraints of Trade to Negotiable Instruments

Volume 20: Newspapers to Premature Actions

Volume 21: Prescription to Remittitur

Volume 22: Removal of Causes to Statute of Limitation

Volume 23: Statutes to Toll Roads

Volume 24: Torts to Voters

Volume 25: Waiver to Witnesses

Volume 26: Workman's Compensation to Zoning/Words and Phrases

Volume 27: Table of Cases A to L

Volume 28: Table of Cases M to Z


Table of Statutes