North Carolina Appellate Practice and Procedure

North Carolina Appellate Practice and Procedure is the detailed and authoritative source needed to navigate the intricacies of appellate advocacy in North Carolina.
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North Carolina Appellate Practice and Procedure is a comprehensive guide for the appellate advocate. A resource for both the bench and the bar, it offers detailed exposition of the statutes, rules, cases, and customs that govern North Carolina appellate practice and procedure. Organized around the chronology of an appeal process, practitioners can turn to this treatise for critical insight on the application and interpretation of the Appellate Rules, practical guidance, and historical context.

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Table of contents

Chapter 1: Overview of the Appellate Process
Chapter 2: The North Carolina Rules of Appellate Procedure- History, Scope, Definitions, and Suspension
Chapter 3: Appellate Jurisdiction and Appealability
Chapter 4: Preserving Issues for Appeal
Chapter 5: Notice of Appeal from Trial Tribunal
Chapter 6: Stays on Appeal
Chapter 7: Composition and Preparation of Typical Record on Appeal
Chapter 8: Settling the Record on Appeal
Chapter 9: Filing and Docketing of the Record on Appeal
Chapter 10: Amending and Supplementing the Record on Appeal
Chapter 11: Appellate Briefs
Chapter 12: Appeal Information Statement
Chapter 13: Amicus Curiae
Chapter 14: Memoranda of Additional Authority
Chapter 15: Oral Argument
Chapter 16: Appellate Decision-Making; Appellate Opinions and Orders; Precedential Value
Chapter 17: Rehearing, Reconsideration, and En Banc Proceedings
Chapter 18: Mandate and Closure of Appeal
Chapter 19: Supreme Court Review
Chapter 20: Remedial, Prerogative, and Extraordinary Writs of the Appellate Courts
Chapter 21: Writs of Certiorari
Chapter 22: Writs of Mandamus and Prohibition
Chapter 23: Writs of Supersedeas
Chapter 24: Filing and Service of Papers in the Appellate Courts
Chapter 25: Format and Style
Chapter 26: Costs, Fees, Security, and Appeal Bonds
Chapter 27: Parties and Attorneys
Chapter 28: Appellate Rules Violations, Frivolous Appeals, and Sanctions
Chapter 29: Confidentiality and Protection of Sensitive Information
Chapter 30: Motions Practice
Chapter 31: Appellate Mediation
Chapter 32: Withdrawal of Appeal
Chapter 33: Civil Appeals as of Right in Business Court Cases