Massachusetts Marijuana Laws Annotated

The authoritative resource for medical and recreational marijuana laws in Massachusetts.
Publisher: Michie

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2020 Edition
ISBN: 9781663308399
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This portable one-volume reference includes statutory coverage governing adult and medicinal usage of marijuana, including both relevant Sections from Parts I (Administration of the Government) and IV (Crimes, Punishments & Proceedings in Criminal Cases) from the Annotated Laws of Massachusetts as well as selected portions of the Code of Massachusetts Regulations.

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Table of Contents

Part I

Administration of the Government

Title II

Executive and Administrative Officers of the Commonwealth

10. Department of the State Treasurer, §§ 76, 77

Title III

Laws Relating to State Officers

29. State Finance, § 2KKKK

Title VII

Cities, Towns and Districts

40A. Zoning, § 3

Title IX


64K. Controlled Substances Tax, §§ 1 to 14
64N. Marijuana Tax, §§ 1 to 5

Title XV

Regulation of Trade

94C. Controlled Substances Act, §§ 1, 31, 32C, 32E, 32H, 32J, 32L to 32N, 47
94D. Controlled Substances Therapeutic Research Act, §§ 1 to 3
94G. Regulation of the Use and Distribution of Marijuana Not Medically Prescribed, §§ 1 to 21
94I. Medical Use of Marijuana, §§ 1 to 8

Part IV

Crimes, Punishments and Proceedings in Criminal Cases

Title I

Crimes and Punishments

269. Crimes Against Public Peace, § 10H

Code of Massachusetts Regulations

105 CMR: Department of Public Health

724.000.Implementation of M.G.L. C. 94d; The Controlled Substances Therapeutic Research Act, 724.001 to 724.007

830 CMR: Department of Revenue
64N.00. Marijuana Retail Taxes, 64N.1.1

935 CMR: Cannabis Control Commission
500.000.Adult Use of Marijuana, 500.001 to 500.900