eDiscovery Response Planning: A Guide for Corporate Legal Departments

A strategic guide to litigation readiness, addressing how business organizations can establish and embed a business process for responding to discovery.
Publisher: Matthew Bender
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ISBN: 9781522106524
Publisher: Matthew Bender
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Any business organization may become a party to litigation. Counsel representing a business organization and employees within the business organization itself need to know how to identify, preserve, collect, review and produce electronically stored information that could become part of the pool of evidence in a litigation matter.

eDiscovery Response Planning: A Guide for Corporate Legal Departments includes:

• Detailed pointers for assessing an organization's state of litigation readiness
• Perspectives on how to make the needed cultural changes in the organization
• Suggestions on how to build a discovery response team (DRT)

eDiscovery Response Planning: A Guide for Corporate Legal Departments will help you:

• Learn how to find the gaps in the organization's current processes
• Showcase how to get "buy-in" from organizational leadership and move all within the organization toward understanding and accepting litigation readiness as an important priority
• Become ready to respond to the organization's discovery demands during each phase of discovery with focused, prepared individuals and clearly defined responsibilities

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Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1 A Framework for Litigation Readiness

CHAPTER 2 A Business Process for Litigation Readiness

CHAPTER 3 Assessment, Part I: Introspection and Hard Questions

CHAPTER 4 Assessment, Part II: Internalizing Introspection-Metrics, Gaps, and Assimilation

CHAPTER 5 Process of Planning Precedes Permanence of Plan-aka Change Management

CHAPTER 6 The Discovery Response Process and Plan

CHAPTER 7 Discovery Response Legal and Operational Leadership

CHAPTER 8 Implementing and Embedding the Discovery Response Plan

CHAPTER 9 Litigation Readiness: Gateway to Information Governance Nirvana