Washington Court of Appeals Bound Volume

This IS the official, full text of the published opinions issued by all three divisions of the Washington Court of Appeals.
Publisher: Michie
Print Book :900 pages per volume
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ISBN: 9780327136187
Publisher: Michie
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LexisNexis is proud to be the Official Publisher of the Washington Official Reports. LexisNexis is the only place to find the Washington Official Reports, the official case law of the state of Washington.

As the one official publisher of the Washington Official Reports, LexisNexis® editors are part of the court’s publishing process, working closely with the Washington Reporter of Decisions’ staff to meet all requirements for authenticity, integrity and accuracy. A new bound volume is published when the actual opinion page count of advance sheets reaches 900. Five to six bound volumes for the Court of Appeals are anticipated each year.

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The Court of Appeals Bound Volumes contain the final, full text of the Supreme Court’s opinions, fully headnoted by a professional staff of Washington lawyers headed by Ray Krontz, the former Reporter of Decisions for the Washington courts. The reports also contain notices of the disposition of unpublished opinions and other opinion disposition notices.

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There’s only one official version of Washington case law—with court-supervised and court-approved headnotes and timely revisions that ensure accurate interpretation. This is it!