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Since 1888, thousands of New York lawyers turn to the New York Law Journal as an indispensable tool for their practice.

Readers find the latest legal news, court information, legal decisions and advance word on new statues and regulation, coupled with the analysis, scholarly insight and the expert perspective needed to make sense of it all. Our reporters know all the right sources to get the behind-the-scenes news on firms, judicial appointments, and upcoming professional requirements that today's leading legal professional need to stay on top.

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•  Unlimited access to the new mobile app and mobile optimized site
•  10+ years archive of full text decisions
•  Analysis of current decision or legislative discussion by expert columnists in their field
•  Personalized MYNYLJ page and practice area content
•  Enhanced search tools for full text decisions by practice area, jurisdiction, or date range
•  Up to date Judge's Profiles and Part Rules
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