New Appleman on Insurance: Current Critical Issues in Insurance Law (Fall)

New Appleman on Insurance: Current Critical Issues in Insurance Law is a hot-topics quarterly publication that addresses the most urgent challenges facing insurance law practitioners. The articles are written by practitioners and scholars of the highest caliber.
Publisher: Matthew Bender

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Print Book :1 volume, looseleaf, updated quarterly
ISBN: 9781522176497
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The publication includes both articles on new critical issues confronting insurance lawyers and the insurance industry and articles on recurring, perennial issues that insurance lawyers encounter that are yet unsettled in the law. Several articles have appendices surveying the positions of various jurisdictions on the main issue of the article.

The articles range over the wide spectrum of insurance coverage issues and focus on leading and provocative matters of concern to attorneys involved in insurance law. Recent articles illustrate the point:

• When extrinsic evidence can defeat the duty to defend;
• An insurer’s right to recoup non-covered defense costs and indemnity payments;
• How credit default swaps and the lack of regulation brought down an insurance giant;
• The number of occurrences issue under CGL policies;
• The next generation of environmental insurance claims;
• Is a total cessation of business necessary for recovery under business interruption insurance; and
• The scope of disability insurance.

Table of Contents

• Cannabis and Insurance: An Overview
• Negotiating Cyber Liability in an Increasingly Digital World: How Cyberattacks Drive Cybersecurity and Impact the Insurance Market
• Insurers’ Direct Liability for a Bad Defense