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The Connecticut Law Tribune NEWSPAPER is read by thousands of attorneys each week. It's reputation for honest, in-depth and entertaining legal news is unrivaled by any other source. If you are part of the legal system in Connecticut, there is no better guide to what's going on and who is involved. Each issues features the useful Connecticut Opinions sections where dozens of decision briefs are available at a glance. Dozens of special subject supplements throughout the year round out this highly sought after publication.

The web site is the electronic version of the newspaper. More than a pixelated version of the newspaper, the website features customization most sites only hint at. Choose to receive emails on recent decisions... change the subjects and practice areas of those emails... all easily manipulated by the subscriber. Search stories or briefs with our powerful search engine... by subject, title or person. Even download full-text of cases... all user friendly.

You have chosen to have the best of BOTH worlds for the price of the print subscription alone. Connecticut Law Tribune... legal media for the new millennium!

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