Weinstein's Evidence Manual

The authority on Federal Evidence Rules saves you valuable research time.
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ISBN: 9781579112851
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The authority on Federal Evidence Rules saves you valuable research time. Here's hands-on accessibility to expert guidance, in a convenient single volume.

Useful on its own as a convenient quick reference guide, or as a companion to the six-volume masterwork, Weinstein's Federal Evidence.

  • A practical desktop and courtroom answer guide
  • Includes incisive analysis by Judge Weinstein
  • Judge Weinstein's valuable commentary covers each Rule. You'll find discussion of the reason behind the Rule, its philosophy and practice, and how to use it to your advantage
  • Contains authoritative federal case citations

    First published in 1987.

    1 Volume; Looseleaf; updated annually with revision pages.

  • Table of Contents

    1 Application of Rules and Construction 
    2 Control by Trial Court Generally
    3 Power of Court in Relation to Jury
    4 Judicial Notice
    5 Presumptions
    6 Relevancy Generally
    7 Special Rules of Relevancy
    8 Authentication and Identification
    9 Best Evidence Rule
    10 Witnesses Generally
    11 Special Witness Rules
    12 Credibility
    13 Expert Witnesses
    14 Hearsay: Definition, Organization and Constitutional Concerns
    15 Hearsay Exclusions
    16 Hearsay Exceptions--Availability of Declarant Immaterial
    17 Hearsay Exceptions Requiring Unavailability--Rule 804
    18 Privileges