Suppression Matters Under Massachusetts Law

Suppression Matters Under Massachusetts Law provides expert guidance on unique issues arising from the Massachusetts Declaration of Rights and common law.
Publisher: Michie
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2018 Edition
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ISBN: 9781522162872
Publisher: Michie
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Book Edition: 2018

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This newest edition of Suppression Matters Under Massachusetts Law helps you avoid reaching erroneous conclusions with expert guidance on analyzing, preparing, and judging motions to suppress evidence, statements, and identifications. Whether you're handling a District Court case charging operating under the influence or a Superior Court case charging murder, this indispensable guide will help you in analyze a fact pattern, recognize problems, and understand and advance the relevant suppression issues.

Because Massachusetts law is more defendant-friendly than federal law, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and law enforcement agencies need to master the peculiarities and understand the greater protections afforded by Articles 12 and 14 of the Massachusetts Declaration of Rights and common law. This clearly written and easy-to-use reference helps you grasp the subtleties of the Commonwealth's unique constitutional and common law protections and suppression of evidence, statements, and identifications quickly and efficiently. This portable, single volume includes valuable practice aids including:

• Table of cases
• Glossary
• Index
• Bibliography
• Diagrams
• Graphs
• Much more

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Table of Contents

Ch 1 The Origins and Purposes of the Exclusionary Rule
Ch 2 Predicates to Filing a Motion to Suppress: Physical Evidence, Statements, and Identifications
Ch 3 A Motion to Suppress Evidence: Is the Fourth Amendment or Is Article 14 Implicated?
Ch 4 Field Encounters and the Stop
Ch 5 Field Encounters and the Frisk
Ch 6 The Law of Arrest
Ch 7 The Mechanics of Issuing and Returning a Search Warrant
Ch 8 The Standard for Issuing a Search Warrant
Ch 9 Types of Warrants and Warrant Features
Ch 10 The Probable Cause Determination
Ch 11 Consent Searches
Ch 12 Searches Incident to a Lawful Arrest
Ch 13 Plain View Seizures
Ch 14 The Exception for Probable Cause and Exigent Circumstances and the Motor Vehicle Exception
Ch 15 Inventory Searches/Storage Searches
Ch 16 Warrantless Administrative Searches
Ch 17 Special Needs Searches
Ch 18 Motions to Suppress Statements
Ch 19 Motions to Suppress Identifications
Ch 20 The Scope of Suppression
Table of Cases