Prosecution and Defense of Criminal Conspiracy Cases

Complete coverage including complex evidentiary matters, constitutional issues, and practical considerations.
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2020 Edition
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Complete coverage including complex evidentiary matters, constitutional issues, and practical considerations.

Coverage of substantive problems, such as requirements of agreement, overt act, and specific intent; procedural problems, such as venue, joint defendant questions, co-conspirators' declarations, and the hearsay exception, complicity, and double jeopardy

Chapter on federal conspiracy principles

Every state and federal conspiracy statute in convenient tables

Bibliographies and key sample indictments

Comments on future trends in the law

Discussion of RICO conspiracy issues

First published 1978.

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Table of Contents

Volume 1

Ch. 1 Development and Purposes of Conspiracy Law

Ch. 2 Elements of the Crime of Conspiracy

Ch. 3 Initiating the Conspiracy Prosecution, Wharton's Rule, Venue

Ch. 4 Scope of the Conspiracy: Number of Agreements, RICO, Duration

Ch. 5 Co-Conspirators' Declarations: The Hearsay Exception

Ch. 6 Joint Defendant Trials

Ch. 7 The Convicted Conspirator: Punishment

Ch. 8 First Amendment Issues

Ch. 9 Federal Conspiracy Law

Ch. 10 The Future of Conspiracy Law

Ch. 11 Practical Considerations in Conspiracy Trials

Volume 2

Appendix A The Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure Relating to Conspiracy

Appendix B Federal Statutes Relating to Conspiracy

Appendix C State Statutes Relating to Conspiracy

Appendix D Model Penal Code Sections Relating to Conspiracy

Appendix E Proposed Revision of Title 18, U.S.C., Sections Relating to Conspiracy (Brown Commission
Appendix F Criminal Justice Reform Act of 1975, Sections Relating to Conspiracy

Appendix G Criminal Code Reform Act of 1977, Sections Relating to Conspiracy

Appendix H 1925 Attorney General's Annual Report

Appendix I United States v. McVeigh - Defendant's Motion for Severance

Appendix J United States v. Peraino - Indictment

Appendix K United States v. Miller - Indictment

Appendix L United States v. Persico - Indictment

Appendix M United States v. Anguilo - Jury Instructions

Appendix N United States v. Poindexter, et al - Indictment

Appendix O United States v. Rogers - Indictment

Appendix P United States v. Bakker - Indictment

Appendix Q United States v. Milken - Plea Agreement and Defendant's Statement

Appendix R United States v. Dempsey - Indictment

Appendix S United States v. Keating - Indictment

Appendix T Attorney General's Memorandum Regarding Dual and Successive Prosecution Policy

Appendix U United States v. Bailin - Defendant's Motion