NY CLS Desk Edition Gilbert's Criminal Practice Annual

The NY CLS Desk Edition Gilbert’s Criminal Practice Annual compiles in one portable reference the statutes and court rules frequently consulted by criminal law practitioners. New York’s three main criminal justice statutes (Criminal Procedure Law, Penal Law, Correction Law) are highlighted and analyzed offering a complete annotation supplemented with case summaries and legal precedence highlighting each important aspect of the law. A Table of Amendments as well as concise legislative history for each statutory section highlights all revisions and additions to the statutory language. Selected case annotations examine how the courts have interpreted and applied the statute. In addition, relevant and related miscellaneous criminal provisions are included and also annotated, offering more insight on New York’s criminal justice system.

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2024 Edition
ISBN: 9781663372550
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2024 Edition
ISBN: 9781663372567
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Gilbert’s Criminal Practice Annual is an indispensable one-volume publication featuring the complete New York Criminal Procedure Law, Penal Law, and Correction Law, together with relevant provisions of the Civil Practice Law and Rules, Executive Law, Family Court Act, Judiciary Law, Public Health Law, Vehicle and Traffic Law, and Court Rules. Statutory provisions are followed by concise legislative history, practice insights, and selected case annotations.

A new chapter has now been added to analyze the recently enacted Cannabis Law, where the intent of this act is to regulate, control, and in a sense to ‘de-criminalize’ and tax marijuana (also known as cannabis) to generate significant new revenue, make substantial investments in communities and people most impacted by cannabis criminalization to address the collateral consequences of such criminalization.

This 2024 edition contains all the new, amended, and revised sections of the relevant and affected legislation for Chapters 1 through 521 which where amended and signed into law during the 2023 NY legislative session and specific to Gilberts. All the revised statutes incorporated here includes the history citations and notes, allowing the reader to trace back the acts that have affected that particular statute’s section.

Included is the complete Table of 2023 Criminal Legislative Amendments, current through all applicable laws in 2023, Chapters 1 through 49 and 61 through 521 (where Chapters 50 through 60 were reserved for budget and budget implementation bills). This 2023 Table offers the reader an informative snapshot all the new and amended laws the legal practitioner needs to be aware of.

The revised New York State Sentencing Guides is included in this new 2024 edition. As edited by the Hon. Judge Barry Kamins, this Guide is designed to assist the practitioner in understanding the current provisions of the sentencing statutes contained in the Penal Law and Criminal Procedure Law.

An updated New York Court Structure Chart and New York State Court Directory is included for an easy reference to be utilized by the legal practitioner.

The 2023 edition ISBN is 9781663350510.

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Table of contents

Part 1: Criminal Justice Statutes
Criminal Procedure Law
Penal Law
Correction Law
Part 2: Related Miscellaneous Criminal Provisions (Selected Statutes)
Cannabis Law
Civil Practice Law and Rules
Executive Law
Family Court Act
Judiciary Law
Public Health Law
Vehicle and Traffic Law
Part 3: Miscellaneous Court Rules
Rules of the Chief Judge
Rules of the Chief Administrator of the Courts
Uniform Rules for the New York State Trial Courts
Rules of the Court of Appeals of the State of New York
Rules of the First Judicial Department Appellate Division
Rules of the First Judicial Department Appellate Term
Rules of the Second Judicial Department Appellate Division
Rules of the Second Judicial Department Appellate Term
Rules of the Third Judicial Department Appellate Division
Rules of the Fourth Judicial Department Appellate Division
Rules for all Departments
Part 4: Sentencing Guidelines
Part 5: New York Court Structure Chart and Directory
Part 6: Index