Illinois Criminal Law: A Survey of Crimes and Defenses

Cited by the Illinois Supreme Court and Illinois appellate courts, this two-volume ...
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Publisher: Michie
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Cited by the Illinois Supreme Court and Illinois appellate courts, this two-volume publication provides the definitive examination of every crime and affirmative defense recognized by Illinois.

This critical resource gives you full coverage of recent legislative developments and such topics as:

•   Aggravated Robbery
•   Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault
•   Presence Within School Zone by Child Sex Offender
•   Custodial Sexual Misconduct
•   Unlawful Child Visitation Interference
•   Interfering with Reporting of Domestic Violence
•   Endangering the Life or Health of a Child
•   Unlawful Assistance of International Terrorism
•   Street Gang Criminal Drug Conspiracy
•   Gunrunning
•   Causing a Catastrophe

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Criminal Act and Mental State
Chapter 3 Accountaqbility for the Criminality of Others
Chapter 4 Conspiracy
Chapter 5 Attempt and Solicitation

PART 2 The Special Part Crimes

Chapter 6 Homicide
Chapter 7 Kidnapping and Related Offenses
Chapter 8 Sex Offenses
Chapter 9 Assault, Battery, and Related Offenses
Chapter 10 Electronic Eavesdropping


Chapter 11 Theft and Related Offenses
Chapter 12 Robbery, Armed Robbery, and Related Offfenses
Chapter 13 Burglary, Arson, and Other Offenses Against Property
Chapter 14 Offenses Affecting Governmental Functions
Chapter 15 Offenses Affecting the Public Health, Safety, and Dency
Chapter 16 Drug Control Laws

PART 3 Affirmative Defense

Chapter 17 Defense of Person and Property
Chapter 18 Defenses: Lack of Criminal Responsibility Due to Insanity, Intoxication, and Infancy
Chapter 19 Defenses: Mistake, Compulsion, Necessity, Entrapment, Public Authority, and Other Justifications or Excuses
Appendix Sentences for Illinois Crimes
Table of Cases
Table of Statutes