Handbook on West Virginia Criminal Procedure

Indispensable and comprehensive criminal procedure manual for West Virginia law enforcement and criminal attorneys.
Publisher: Michie
Print Book :3 volumes, loose-leaf
3rd Edition
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ISBN: 9781522108955
Publisher: Michie
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The Handbook on West Virginia Criminal Procedure serves as a complete, comprehensive criminal sourcebook of the constitutional principles and practical considerations routinely confronted by both prosecutors and defense counsel in criminal trials. Every major area of criminal procedure is examined, including:

•   Right to counsel
•   Bail
•   Search and seizure
•   Confessions
•   Pretrial identification
•   Entrapment
•   Jurisdiction and venue
•   Preliminary hearings
•   Grand jury and indictments
•   Pleadings
•   Discovery
•   Guilty pleas
•   Insanity and mental competency
•   Defenses
•   Instructions to the jury
•   Post-trial motions
•   Sentencing
•   Parole and pardon
•   Contempt of court
•   Juvenile rights and procedure

Nearly all relevant decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, and the West Virginia Court of Appeals are examined along with expert case law and statutory analysis. A numbered conclusion section at the end of each chapter is also provided for easy reference. A new Third Edition of the Handbook on West Virginia Criminal Procedure was released in August 2016. Beginning with a new loose-leaf format, separate cumulative supplements will no longer be published. To improve ease of use, annual revisions and updates will now be integrated into the main text.

Format: 3 volumes (binders), loose-leaf. Updated annually.


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Table of contents

Volume 1

Chapter I Right to Counsel
Chapter II Bail
Chapter III Arrest, Extradition, and Detainer
Chapter IV Search and Seizure
Chapter V Confessions
Chapter VI Pretrial Identification
Chapter VII Entrapment
Chapter VIII Jurisdiction and Venue
Chapter IX Preliminary Hearings
Chapter X Grand Jury and Indictments
Chapter XI Pleadings
Chapter XII Discovery
Chapter XIII Guilty Pleas
Chapter XIV Trial by Jury

Volume 2

Chapter XV Trial and Related Rights
Chapter XVI Insanity and Mental Competency
Chapter XVII Defenses
Chapter XVIII Instructions to the Jury
Chapter XIX Deliberations and Verdict
Chapter XX Post-trial Motions
Chapter XXI Sentencing
Chapter XXII Review: Appeals and Collateral Attacks
Chapter XXIII Parole and Pardon
Chapter XXIV Judicial Disqualification and Disability
Chapter XXV Prosecutorial Discretion, Disqualification, and Misconduct
Chapter XXVI Contempt of Court
Chapter XXVII Rights of Indigents
Chapter XXVIII Juvenile Rights and Procedure
Appendix A
Appendix B
Table of Cases