Federal Criminal Trials

Accessible, understandable, and in-depth coverage of the federal criminal trial process.
Publisher: Matthew Bender
Print Book :1 volume, softbound, update annually
2020 Edition
ISBN: 9781522180364
Publisher: Matthew Bender
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Federal Criminal Trials, 2020 Edition, is the definitive volume on federal criminal procedure, rules of evidence, and constitutional protections.

Federal prosecutors in the Department of Justice have used this handbook as the authoritative courtroom reference since 1946. Get in-depth coverage of the criminal trial process as it relates to:

•Constitutional protections

•Federal criminal procedure

•Rules of evidence

•Latest citations from all circuits

•Complex pre-and post-trial issues

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Table of Contents

PART I: Constitutional Protections and Procedures

Ch. 1 Jurisdiction and Venue
Ch. 2 Search and Seizure
Ch. 3 Fifth and Sixth Amendment Protections
Ch. 4 The Grand Jury and Immunity
Ch. 5 Preliminary Proceedings
Ch. 6 Arraignment and Plea
Ch. 7 Pretrial Discovery and Disclosure
Ch. 8 Trial Discovery of Prior Statements
Ch. 9 Joinder and Severance
Ch. 10 Jeopardy and Mistrial
Ch. 11 Prosecutorial Misconduct and Vindictiveness
Ch. 12 Trial
Ch. 13 Post-Trial Proceedings

PART II: The Law of Evidence

Ch. 14 Judicial Notice
Ch. 15 Weight of the Evidence and Relevancy
Ch. 16 Demonstrative Evidence
Ch. 17 Documentary Evidence
Ch. 18 Examination of a Witness
Ch. 19 Privileges
Ch. 20 Opinion Evidence
Ch. 21 Hearsay and Exceptions
App. A Amendments to the Constitution of the United States
App. B Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure
App. C Federal Rules of Evidence
Table of Cases
Table of Statutes, Rules and Sentencing Guidelines