Cases and Problems in Criminal Procedure: The Courtroom

Examines procedural issues that arise in the prosecution stage of a criminal case and provides law students the experience lawyers have when analyzing these issues.
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6th Edition
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Cases and Problems in Criminal Procedure: The Courtroom focuses on procedural issues that arise in the prosecution stage of a criminal case. This casebook attempts to recreate for law students the experience that lawyers have when analyzing the procedural issues involved in the investigatory phase of a criminal case. This approach not only enhances learning but also makes learning enjoyable since students get to play lawyer. At the outset of each chapter, a complex problem is presented in the form of a memo to a law clerk working in a variety of settings (reporting to a public defender, prosecutor, judge or private criminal defense attorney). Many of the problems have been modified to reflect recent cases. The problem is followed by the research tools--relevant cases and statutes--necessary to solve the problem. Notes follow many cases, suggesting to students how the cases might be used to analyze the problem. They also contain summaries of cases which may give students a broader perspective on how courts are handling the issues raised by the main cases.

This casebook is supplemented annually, and a Teacher’s Manual is available to professors.

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Table of contents

Chapter 1: The Decision to Prosecute
Chapter 2: Pretrial Release
Chapter 3: Discovery
Chapter 4: The Preliminary Hearing
Chapter 5: The Grand Jury
Chapter 6: The Right to Speedy Trial
Chapter 7: Plea Bargaining
Chapter 8: The Jury Venire
Chapter 9: The Jury Panel
Chapter 10: Joinder & Severance
Chapter 11: Double Jeopardy
Chapter 12: Sentencing
Chapter 13: Appeals
Chapter 14: The Right to Effective Assistance of Counsel
Chapter 15: Ethical Obligations of Criminal Defense Lawyers
Chapter 16: Habeas Corpus
Chapter 17: A Comparative Perspective