Summary Judgments in Texas: Practice, Procedure and Review

The only practice guide devoted exclusively to Texas summary judgment practice!
Publisher: Matthew Bender
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3rd Edition
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ISBN: 9781522178712
Publisher: Matthew Bender
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Summary Judgments in Texas is the go-to guide for obtaining the most detailed analysis and discussion of summary judgments in Texas. A comprehensive complement to your other legal resources, Summary Judgments in Texas provides must-have access to identical information already in the hands of Texas judges.

Expertly written by Timothy Patton, an authority on summary judgments in Texas, this unique reference tool will save countless hours with easy access to over 100 pages of forms and detailed examination of relevant cases, alleviating pretrial work. From preparing and drafting a motion for summary judgment or response through writing an appellate brief, Summary Judgments in Texas is your guide for success in this area of law.

Summary Judgments in Texas includes the following:
• New sections in response to changes in practice and statutes, including extensive no-evidence summary judgment practice
• Proven forms for drafting motions and writing appellate briefs
• Quick courtroom access to identical information in the hands of Texas judges

Table of Contents

​Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – Deadlines
Chapter 3 – Motion for Summary Judgment (Traditional)
Chapter 4 – Response to Motion for Summary Judgment (Traditional)
Chapter 5 – No-Evidence Motion for Summary Judgment and Response
Chapter 6 – Summary Judgment Evidence
Chapter 7 – Disposition of Motion for Summary Judgment
Chapter 8 – Appellate Review of Summary Judgments
Chapter 9 – summary Judgment Practice, Procedure and Proof in Selected Cases
Chapter 10 – Forms
Table of Books, Law Reviews, and Seminar Materials
Table of Cases
Table of Statutes