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Use what the judge is using with the Judicial Council of California Civil Jury Instructions (CACI). LexisNexis Matthew Bender is proud to be the Official Publisher of the Judicial Council of California Civil Jury Instructions. This CACI May 2022 Edition has the civil California jury instructions approved by the Judicial Council and recommended for use by trial judges. It includes all the new and revised jury instructions approved by the Judicial Council for civil cases.

Under California Rules of Court, Rule 2.1050(e), use of the Judicial Council instructions is strongly encouraged. If the latest edition of the jury instructions approved by the Judicial Council contains an instruction applicable to a case and the trial judge determines that the jury should be instructed on the subject, it is recommended that the judge use the Judicial Council instruction unless he or she finds that a different instruction would more accurately state the law and be understood by jurors.

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Table of contents

Series 100 Pretrial 
Series 200 Evidence
Series 300 Contracts
Series 400 Negligence
Series 500 Medical Negligence
Series 600 Professional Negligence
Series 700 Motor Vehicle and Highway Safety
Series 800 Railroad Crossings
Series 900 Common Carriers
Series 1000 Premises Liability
Series 1100 Dangerous Condition of Public Property
Series 1200 Products Liability
Series 1300 Assault and Battery
Series 1400 False Imprisonment
Series 1500 Malicious Prosecution
Series 1600 Emotional Distress
Series 1700 Defamation
Series 1800 Right of Privacy
Series 1900 Fraud or Deceit
Series 2000 Trespass
Series 2100 Conversion
Series 2300 Insurance Litigation
Series 2400 Wrongful Termination
Series 2500 Fair Employment and Housing Act
Series 2600 California Family Rights Act
Series 2700 Labor Code Actions
Series 2800 Workers’ Compensation
Series 2900 Federal Employers’ Liability Act
Series 3000 Civil Rights
Series 3100 Elder Abuse and Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act
Series 3200 Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act
Series 3300 Unfair Practices Act
Series 3400 Cartwright Act
Series 3500 Eminent Domain
Series 3600 Conspiracy
Series 3700 Vicarious Responsibility
Series 3800 Equitable Indemnity
Series 3900 Damages
Series 4000 Lanterman-Petris-Short Act
Series 4100 Breach of Fiduciary Duty
Series 4200 Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act
Series 4300 Unlawful Detainer
Series 4400 Trade Secrets
Series 4500 Construction Law
Series 4600 Whistleblower Protection
Series 4700 Consumers Legal Remedies Act
Series 4800 California False Claims Act
Series 4900 Real Property Law
Series 5000 Concluding Instructions