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Arkfeld on Electronic Discovery and Evidence

Comprehensive treatise that addresses all the key aspects of the discovery and admission of electronic evidence.
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4th Edition
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The Fourth Edition of Arkfeld on Electronic Discovery and Evidence is a comprehensive treatise that addresses all the key aspects of the discovery and admission of electronic evidence, within the context of relevant statutes, regulations, and federal and state case law. Authored by Michael R. Arkfeld, Esq., a leading attorney and speaker, the revised Fourth Edition is enhanced both in substance and format. The up-to-date 1500 page treatise contains eight chapters as well as four companion Best Practices Guides, which are cross-referenced to the treatise. A fully searchable CD-ROM is included with the print version of the treatise. It provides fingertip access to sample discovery forms, letters, and court orders, and includes dozens of practice tips and pointers. 


  • Authoritative discussion of court rules and federal and state cases on electronic discovery and evidentiary issues 
  • Clear and easy to read explanations of technology and legal concepts 
  • Four cross-referenced Best Practice Guides
  • Over 110 forms, checklists, and practical pointers 

Highlights of the Spring 2018 update includes:

  •  A complete replacement of Chapter 7, updated with  the latest changes in the area of e-discovery, and updates on federal and state procedural rules,  case law and technological issues.
  • A new edition of the Best Practices Guide: Information Technology Primer for Legal Professionals, a resource for understanding the “information technology infrastructure” of organizations, locating “electronically stored information” (ESI), and managing it using computer technology. This primer is intended to be used as a general reference for the identification, preservation, collection and disclosure of ESI.
  •  A new edition of the Best Practices Guide: ESI Pretrial Discovery — Strategy and Tactics, containing procedural steps, strategy and substantive law considerations related to the pretrial discovery of “electronically stored information” (ESI). These practices are intended to be used as general guidelines for the discovery and production of ESI. Depending on the unique issues of your case, these suggested practices may necessitate a different approach and should be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  •  replacement CD-ROM, included with the print version of the treatise, containing the full text of the treatise in an easy to use e-book format and the Best Practices Guides, with hypertext links to cited case law, statutes, and regulations, as well as checklists, practice forms, guidelines and many other resources. 

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E-Discovery Resources

Table of Contents


Chapter 1.   Electronic Information in Litigation

Chapter 2   Creation and Storage of Electronic Information

Chapter 3   Structure and Type of Electronic Information

Chapter 4   Computer Forensics, Experts and Service Bureaus

Chapter 5   Search, Technology and Cost Issues in Managing ESI

Chapter 6   Discovery and Production Process

Chapter 7   Court Procedural Rules and Case Law

Chapter 7   Appendix:   State Cases and Rules Summary

Chapter 8   Admissibility of Electronic Evidence

Appendix — Checklists, Forms and Guidelines (CD-ROM only)

Table of Cases