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A successful small law office depends on efficiency and accuracy. You need to move fast to serve each of your clients without compromising the quality of your work. To cut through the noise and accomplish your work quickly, you need the Lexis+ service. Lexis+ delivers exactly what you need with speed and clarity, so you can spend more time putting insights and analysis intro practice.

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Take your legal research to the next level with key Lexis+ features, such as:

  • AI-Powered Legal Research - Dig deep into the largest collection of primary law, pulling insights and information via rich data visualization and the leading legal analytics tools.
  • Industry-Leading Practical Guidance - Kick-start your work with practice notes, checklists, annotated forms, templates and expert advice from top legal authorities in over 20 practice areas.
  • Quick, Strategic Brief Analysis – Strengthen arguments with research recommendations and Shepard’s® analysis based on the citation patterns and legal concepts found in your - and your opponent’s - documents.
  • NEW Litigation Analytics – From understanding your judge’s behavior and courtroom trends, to knowing your competition’s track record, you can now ensure your success in litigation and safeguard the quality of your entire work product, in a single workflow.

Which Lexis+ Subscription is Right for You?

You can choose between several pre-packaged Lexis+ bundles. Here’s a quick breakdown of the differences.

Our entry-level package is the Lexis+ State Primary, which includes state cases, statutes, and legislation for your state, plus our Practical Guidance service for the civil litigation area of practice.

We have 2 mid-range offerings:

  • Lexis+ State Enhanced with Full Federal includes cases, statutes and legislation for your state, federal cases and materials, plus Practical Guidance for the civil litigation area of practice.
  • Or, you can choose the Lexis+ State Primary package described above with an upgrade to include all 21 areas of practice currently available in Practical Guidance.

Our premier offering combines the best features in each package.  You get Lexis+ State Enhanced with Full Federal, including cases, statutes and legislation for your state, federal cases and materials, plus our Practical Guidance service with all 21 areas of practice.

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