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AHLA Health Law Watch (AHLA Members)

Print Book :Softbound, 272 pages
2019 Edition
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ISBN/ISSN: 9781522176602
Publisher: AHLA
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This inaugural edition of Health Law Watch 2019 fills the need for a publication that precisely spells out, in detail, what health lawyers need to know right now. This book offers accessible yet sophisticated articles on each of the ten most important topics in health law this year. Every health lawyer and health law professional should buy this book every year and read it cover-to-cover:

  1. You need to stay current but you don’t have a lot of time. Health Law Watch 2019 is an easy way to do that; the articles are authored by experts and give you the big picture view that you need to stay competitive.
  2. Health Law Watch 2019 puts you in control.  Information comes in from multiple sources and at many intervals during your busy day.  This book captures what you need to know in one place, to be consumed at your convenience, and is scheduled to publish annually. Plan to buy the new edition every year, and you will have a handy research archive to reference in your own writings.
  3. It’s fun to try to predict what's on the list, or consider how the list could be different. If you find yourself thinking about those things, you are a good candidate to help with next year's  edition of this book. Please volunteer!

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Table of contents

Issue 1:  The Impact of Disruptors and Disruption in the Health Marketplace 

Issue 2:  Structuring and Operationalizing Value Based Payments: Legal Developments and Practical Tips

Issue 3:  Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things in Health Care—Innovation Continues to Outpace Regulation

Issue 4:  Drug Pricing

Issue 5:  Fraud and Abuse—FCA Enforcement, New Laws and Regulatory Changes

Issue 6:  Behavioral Health—A Growing Practice Area for Health Lawyers

Issue 7:  The Opioid Crisis

Issue 8:  Private Equity Investment in Health Care

Issue 9:  Medicaid Developments

Issue 10:  The 340B Drug Discount Program